Discovering the art of the possible

Every business knows that it must adapt to survive. But who is responsible for driving innovation? What obstacles do they face? And what must they do to succeed?

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Seizing the opportunity for innovation

Against a background of digital and business transformation, it has never been more important to innovate. Those that stand still will get left behind. In the autumn of 2018, KCOM interviewed executives from 250 UK oragnisations, across five key industries to interrogate attitudes towards innovations, and, crucially, organisations' ability to exploit it.

Businesses today are faced with a bewildering choice of increasingly complex technologies. They need to invest in the right mix of software and systems to support their organisational strategy. However, they also face the challenge of building internal skills to use these technologies effectively.

Read the report to learn about the key challenges faced by organisations today and the areas where a shift in perceptions and actions can lead to valuable business benefits.

Innovation in numbers

What are the biggest obstacles in a digitisation journey? How do organisations plan to overcome then? How is failure defined, and is it an option?

We interviewed 250 UK leaders from government, financial services, wholesale and retail, health and social care and, finally, transport and logistics to find out.

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Clearing the path for innovation

The power to disrupt and to innovate begins with rethinking current processes and principles. At KCOM, we believe that by exploring other, smarter ways of achieving business goals, organisations can begin to realise what is truly possible.

Clearing the path for innovation examines the attitudes of organisations in the UK today and explores how they can innovate to gain a competitive edge, today and in the future.

  • define failure as a project that costs more than originally budgeted

  • believe that innovation is expected at every level

  • will invest in people to deliver against a digital strategy

About KCOM: Re-imagine how.

By combining ingenuity, agility and integrity, KCOM goes beyond the mandate: shaping solutions to meet the demands of emerging and future business challenges. KCOM believes that the greatest opportunities lie in the unknown. That there is always an alternative, smarter way to achieve business goals. To re-imagine how.