Driving success through cloud optimisation

Does your cloud give your business what it needs to succeed? And do you have the right tools to find out?

The five steps to a leaner cloud

The increased agility and velocity of cloud technologies can often come at the expense of greater management complexity and reduced cost visibility. According to Gartner, organisations that lack cost optimisation processes will average 40% overspend in public cloud by 2020.

By combining the right tools, insight and strategy, you can achieve a highly efficient cloud which has the power to revolutionise your business.

Download our guide to understand the steps you need to make to go from cloud insight, to cloud success, and everything in-between.

  • Identify inefficiencies
  • Align cloud spend with business needs
  • Improve governance and control
  • Create a cycle of continuous optimisation

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Public cloud opens the doors to a more agile, flexible, and scalable environment, but it also brings with it complexity and the significant task of tracking and managing your computing costs.

KCOM has been an AWS Premier Consulting Partner since 2010 and holds a number of accreditations including AWS Managed Service Partner. We use this experience and cross-industry expertise to enable our clients to make better cloud decisions.

By fully understanding the objectives of our clients we’re able to support cloud optimisation that has a direct impact on business success.

Re-imagine how.

By combining ingenuity, agility and integrity, KCOM goes beyond the mandate: shaping solutions to meet the demands of emerging and future business challenges. KCOM believes that the greatest opportunities lie in the unknown. That there is always an alternative, smarter way to achieve business goals. To reimagine how.