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The innovative telephone system that gives your business flexibility, scalability and reliability.
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SmartComms UC can be tailored to individual users, so the needs of your office-based staff, mobile, and home workers can all be met at once.


SmartComms UC works separately from your internet network, meaning you’ll get better voice quality, extra data security and guarantee of 99.999% uptime.


It comes packed full of features, including call recording, on-hold marketing messages, call routing, intelligent hunt groups and more.


As your business grows, your needs will change. That’s why SmartComms UC makes it easy to add and remove users, or customise individual accounts.

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  • > What SmartComms UC is, and how it works.
  • > How it can benefit your business.
  • > The different options available.
  • > All about the installation process.
  • > How to get started with SmartComms UC.

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