Cloud Migration: Accelerate your journey to the cloud

Migrate to the public cloud by exploring the knowns, and discovering the unknowns, on your cloud journey

Your at-a-glance strategic guide to cut through the complexity of cloud migration, including tips on how to build your Cloud Centre of Excellence, and drive the cross-organisational adoption of your cloud-first strategy.

Discover how to meet the organisational challenges of migrating to the cloud.

The cloud by its very nature is a simpler, less risky alternative to traditional on-premises solutions. But, its deployment adds a layer of complexity. Underestimating the work involved can prove damaging. KCOM’s systematic Cloud Migration Programme is designed to help organisations re-imagine their IT estates and achieve optimal performance, security and flexibility.

Your journey to the cloud

  • Assess your infrastructure

    Asses the viability and migration readiness of your current applications. Then move up to entire IT estate to ensure you have all workloads covered.

  • Plan and prepare

    Analyse your applications and their interdependencies within the IT estate, and create a migration roadmap.

  • Start the journey

    Take your organisation through the migration path. Be prepared to proactively spot barriers and adapt processes to resolve challenges.

  • Thrive and optimise

    Review and tune processes on a regular basis, and upgrade when necessary to align your IT capabilities to your changing business needs.

Taking a strategic approach to cloud migration allows you to reduce the risk by planning methodically, leveraging resources and building your skills and knowledge base at the same time. Find out more about the Four-phased KCOM Migration Programme.

Cloud is the next big thing, and with it comes the big decision. But what is cloud? The answer is - it all depends. Discover what the cloud could mean for your business.

One of the biggest challenges in the context of cloud migration is the complexity of the task, whether you rearchitect, replatform, rehost or refactor your aplications. What are the ways to overcome it? And what is the best migration strategy for you?

While most companies want to accelerate the pace of cloud adoption, choosing the right migration approach is critical to successfully realising the benefits of the cloud. How to choose the right migration approach?

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Re-imagine how.

By combining ingenuity, agility and integrity, KCOM goes beyond the mandate: shaping solutions to meet the demands of emerging and future business challenges. KCOM believes that the greatest opportunities lie in the unknown. That there is always an alternative, smarter way to achieve business goals. To reimagine how.