Re-imagine public sector services

Using innovative technology to help you better serve citizens.

The Public Sector challenge

Our mission is to help you provide better and more efficient public services; when the imperative to exploit modern digital tools and technologies and save money has never been greater.

The need to change and improve both the infrastructure that underpins public sector services and the way that the services are run, is a widely recognised challenge. Communities and citizen expectations are changing, so the services that they depend on must change with them.

Our evolving society also means there is increasing pressure to provide services that are fit for purpose, to a population that is growing and ageing; with all the associated implications. Contracts are being disaggregated, supply chains fragmented, and procurement cycles are getting shorter. There is also pressure to accommodate users’ changing IT needs.

KCOM Public Sector
KCOM Public Sector

How KCOM helps

The alignment between existing legacy infrastructure and digital transformation is a consistent theme. It’s simply not possible to throw out the old and bring in the new and KCOM helps address this technology balance, whilst delivering tangible service improvement.

We achieve this by simplifying the complexity of integration of communications and infrastructure. We help interpret citizen, patient and professional needs and mobilise agile projects capable of delivering progressive and positive change. We help you to better serve your citizens.

Re-imagine health and social care

  • The re-imagine sessions: Pressures and barriers holding back the NHS:

  • The re-imagine sessions: Care and connectivity:

  • The re-imagine sessions: Helping healthcare organisation:

  • Re-imagining health and social care services

    Successful digital transformation goes far beyond technology. At KCOM we understanding the wider implications for Health and Social Care services on legacy systems, your stakeholders, your organisation and employees. We help you to consider all of these factors when building your digital strategy.

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  • Re-imagining local government services

    Among the challenges facing local government today there are reasons to be optimistic. With the right strategy, technologies and partnership, there is an opportunity to revolutionize services to deliver better citizen experiences and improve working conditions as well as a reducing in costs.

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  • Connected thinking

    • KCOM boosts public sector digital transformation

      KCOM boosts public sector digital transformation

      IT services provider announced as Government G-Cloud 10 provider

    • Why CIOs are looking towards a different – not disappearing – role

      Why CIOs are looking towards a different – not disappearing – role

      Eddie Ginja, Head of Public Sector at KCOM, discusses his thoughts following Cloud Expo Europe 2018.

    • KCOM achieves Stage 2 compliance for the Health and Social Care Network

      KCOM achieves Stage 2 compliance for the Health and Social Care Network

      KCOM has today announced that it is Stage 2 compliant and can deploy live HSCN services.

    • KCOM secures AWS Government Competency accreditation

      KCOM secures AWS Government Competency accreditation to Leveraging AWS to help the Public Sector

      Amazon Web Services endorses KCOM’s public sector expertise with the AWS Government Competency

    Case studies

    • NHS Business Services Authority

      We helped the NHS’s special health authority transform their customer experience and drive significant cost efficiencies.

    • Saving the day for the emergency services

      Resilient communications deployed for 1,000 employees across 35 locations for Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service.

    • Commonwealth War Graves Commission

      We helped CWGC to lay the foundations for its digital strategy and transition its core public facing website to a cloud environment.

    Framework Agreements

    Framework Agreements provide a convenient procurement mechanism for public sector customers and at KCOM we work hard to ensure we can offer services via the most appropriate frameworks.

    KCOM Framework Agreements

    Meet the team

    • Eddie Ginja

      Eddie Ginja

      A trained haematologist, Eddie swapped careers early on to become a mainframe programmer. In more recent years, Eddie went on to bid and win the HMRC 10-year outsourcing contract (ASPIRE) for a global system integrator, and he worked on the project for a total of eight years.

      As Head of Public Sector at KCOM, Eddie leads his team to help Public Sector bodies, including healthcare, achieve their goals and objectives.

    • Jerry Gudgeon

      Jerry Gudgeon

      Having graduated with a PhD (DPhil) from the University of Oxford, Andy has previously worked in the justice and public sector for one of the top 7 Global System Integrators. Andy has extensive knowledge and experience in the Service Delivery and IT Outsourcing areas; which he diligently applies in ensuring that Government departments deliver excellent citizen and patient outcomes.

    • Ian Hancock

      Ian Hancock

      As a highly experienced IT consultant, including areas such as mass storage, Ian builds and leads cross functional teams in highly transformational activities. Ian’s focus is primarily in the healthcare (NHS) area, where he is a major force in delivering impactful projects and solutions.

      Ian prides himself on leading from the front to find strategic solutions that will improve IT services delivered to clinicians, that positively impact the quality of patient experience.

    • Andrew Murray

      Andrew Murray

      Andrew has over 30 years’ experience of helping organisations successfully define and manage their telecoms and IT services strategy. He has been a member of the strategic deals team of three major systems integrators, leading complex and transformational sales in public sector and utilities, and was previously head of outsourcing in the UK for the largest global healthcare software and services provider.

      Andrew is passionate about exceeding expectations, ensuring positive outcomes for all his customers.

    • Ian Sherring

      Ian Sherring

      With over 25 years’ experience of the telecommunications industry, Ian has a unique understanding of customer engagement and has recently spent the last 6 years working with HMRC to transform their customer services organisation in terms of cost-efficiency and customer centricity.

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